Hi I’m Gemma Haylett – geek by day and night. I have a computer science degree, am in love with developing code and in a past life used to work in aerospace writing code for satellites.


These days I’m happy to be a front-end developer for a large e-commerce retail company, while also running my own freelance business. I work with small creative businesses to develop custom Shopify themes, helping passionate entrepreneurs build their store and business with confidence.

My husband Dan has his own geeky side as a physicist who works on solving the world’s energy problems. Our daughter Emily has inherited my love for creativity. Of course, instead of expressing it through code, she likes to paint, draw, and bake with me in the kitchen.

When I’m not behind my computer screen coding a custom Shopify theme, you’ll probably find me training for my next 5k race, learning how to raise chickens in our backyard (seriously), or catching up on Game of Thrones.

If you’re looking for someone who will make the development of your Shopify theme stress-free and enjoyable, then let’s chat about your project.

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